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Mother Nature has a mind of her own. Whether you’re ready or not, those heat waves will come roaring through Illinois like they do every year. The only thing standing between the brutal heat and your home is a reliable air conditioner. The question is: Do you have one?

At Goodberlet Home Services, we’re here to make sure you do. Whether you need assistance with a central air conditioning repair or installation, we’ll help you beat the heat with ease. We offer 24-Hour Cooling services so you’ll always have a helping hand with your air conditioner or ductless mini-split system should a problem occur.  We provide air conditioning installation and maintenance services in areas such as Oak Brook, Westmont, Glen Ellyn, Bloomingdale, Naperville, and Bolingbrook. Give us a call by phone at (815) 937-0189 or schedule an appointment online to receive support.

Should I Schedule an Air Conditioning Repair Appointment?

We understand why a broken air conditioner can cause stress. But when you call us, there’s no need to sweat it. You should schedule air conditioning repair with the professionals if:

Circuit Breaker Trips Frequently

If you are having issues with your air conditioner not turning on, you may be experiencing a problem with your circuit breaker. You can reset your circuit breaker by flipping the switch off and then on. If the problem persists, you should have a professional perform an air conditioning repair project.

Air Conditioner is Blowing Warm Air

If there is warm air blowing from your air conditioner, you may be in need of a new air filter. When your air filter becomes dirty it can block the airflow of your unit as well as freeze up your condenser unit. You should change your air filter every month to ensure your air conditioner is able to blow cold air. 

Refrigerant Leaks from System

Leaks in your air conditioner system can cause issues such as inaccurate temperature readings, low efficiency, high power consumption, coil freezing, damaged compressor, and uneven cooling. It is a good practice to check your air conditioner regularly for any leaks to avoid an expensive air conditioning repair appointment.

Air Conditioner is Making Noises

Your air conditioner may be trying to tell you something! Unusual sounds from your system may be an indicator of an air conditioning repair issue. Here is a list of sounds and the potential issues occurring:

  • Hissing: refrigerant leak
  • Clicking: A relay problem when activating and deactivating the system
  • Thumping, rattling or banging: potential issue with a blower or motor assembly.
  • Screeching: issue with the compressor or fan motor 
  • Buzzing: faulty electrical components 

Evaporator Coil is Frozen Over

If your system does not receive sufficient air, it can cause your evaporator coil to freeze up. In turn, this will cause your entire system to freeze up and cease operation. This air conditioning repair issue will occur if you have blocked vents and ducts, dirty filters, or a faulty fan. 

Issues With Drainage

It’s imperative that your drain line is maintained, cleaned, and inspected regularly. The drain pipeline can become clogged with dust, algae, and dirt. It’s possible that if the air conditioner is not mounted level it may not drain properly, causing mold, fungus, and mildew to develop.  

Through all hours, Goodberlet is here to help. If you lose your supply of cold air at the worst possible moment, call us by phone at (815) 937-0189 to receive assistance with an air conditioning repair.

Keep in mind, we highly recommend getting a yearly air conditioner precision tune-up. In the long run, this will prevent costly repairs and decrease your utility bills. Once a precision tune-up has been completed by Goodberlet Home Services, should you have an AC breakdown within 12 months, we will return for free*!

Air Conditioning Repair Services in Downers Grove, Illinois & Other Areas5 Components of an Air Conditioning System

If you are having a repair issue with your air conditioning system, there are 5 main components that may be responsible. Being familiar with each component of the air conditioning system will make it easier for you and your technician to diagnose and resolve the air conditioner repair problem.


Refrigerant is a fluid that is vital to cooling and freezing technology. This fluid moves through your systems tubes and copper coils, which allows for the inside unit to connect to the outside unit. 


The main job of the compressor is to pressurize the refrigerant, which in turn raises the temperature. The refrigerant needs to heat up in order to get its temperature higher than the outdoor temperature. In order to dispense heat outdoors, the refrigerant needs to be hotter than the air outdoors. 

Condenser Coil

The condenser coil is located in the outdoor air conditioning unit. It is designed to facilitate heat transfer to the outdoor air. As the heat leaves the refrigerant outside, it turns back into a liquid where it flows to the expansion valve. From there, the refrigerant is depressurized and is able to cool down. 

Expansion Valve

The expansion valve plays a crucial role. It helps to remove pressure from the liquid refrigerant, cooling it down and allowing for it to pass to the evaporator coils. This process changes the refrigerant from a liquid to vapor/gas in the evaporator. 

Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil is where your air conditioner picks up heat from inside of your home. Just as the condenser coils need the help of the condenser fan to facilitate heat transfer, the evaporator coils need the blower to blow air over the coils. 

Air Conditioning Repair Services in Naperville & Other Areas of IllinoisShould I Repair My Air Conditioner or Replace It?

It takes a trained eye to determine whether your AC should be repaired or replaced. Providing central air conditioning repairs and replacements since 1982, we know how to make the right call with your system. 

As a guide, here are some instances when we might recommend a repair or a replacement:


  • The problem is minor and fully repairable.
  • Your system is relatively new and can still provide years of usage.


  • Your central air conditioner is between 10 to 15 years old.
  • Your AC needs to be repaired frequently.
  • The necessary repair is cost-prohibitive and would cost you more in the long run than a replacement.

Our trained technicians will go over all the options with you to find a solution you can feel good about. Working with your budget, usage expectations, home layout and more, we’ll tailor our air conditioning repair services to your every need.

Enhance Your Home Comfort While Maximizing Efficiency

Older systems turn on and off throughout the day, creating constant noise and consuming large amounts of energy. Newer systems with the latest HVAC technology do just the opposite. Rather than turn on and off, these systems make minor adjustments to their cooling output to operate consistently and quietly. All you have to do is set the thermostat to your desired temperature and your system will adjust accordingly. Your home’s temperature will always stay within a half-degree of where you set it.

At Goodberlet Home Services, we carry multiple Air Conditioning models and Mini-Split Systems models. The available air conditioners are among the quietest and most energy-efficient units you can buy. If you only need heating and cooling for certain rooms, the Ductless Mini-Split heat pumps and air conditioners provide a smart, flexible solution. 

We understand that making the decision to replace or upgrade your system can be overwhelming and even daunting. The experts at Goodberlet will walk you through your options of Lennox Products that will be the perfect fit in your home. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and become well versed in your chosen product’s features. 

Contact us to learn more about this technology and the systems we can design for your home.

24-Hour Heating & Cooling Services Near Lombard, ILAir Conditioning Repair & Installation Services

Whether you need central air conditioning repair or guidance with your purchasing decision, Goodberlet is here to help. Our team also offers repair and installation services for furnaces, boilers, and ductless mini-split systems. We serve areas such as Frankfort, Oak Park, Bloomingdale, Downers Grove, Glen Ellyn, and Orland Park. For a full list of Illinois counties and communities in our service area click hereTo schedule an air conditioning repair service with our team, call Goodberlet at (815) 937-0189 or contact us online today.

Many families choose to purchase a central air conditioning system that is too large for their house, thinking it will offer a larger supply of cold air. However, an air conditioner that is too large for your house will be unable to remove excess humidity from your air. In addition, investing in an air conditioning system that is too large will also produce short cycling issues. Since the system is too powerful for your house, it will cool the air too quickly. This will cause the unit to continuously activate and deactivate throughout the day.


The first metric to be familiar with prior to selecting a new air conditioning system is British Thermal Units (BTU’s). This metric is utilized to measure the total quantity of heat required to increase the temperature of a single pound of water by a total of one degree Fahrenheit. A system with a high BTU rating will remove more heat from the air when compared to a unit with a low BTU rating. To properly remove heat from your house, we recommend investing in a central air conditioning system that provides a total of 20 BTUs per square foot in your house.


For example, a small room that features a total of 300 square feet will require an air conditioner with a BTU rating of 7,000. On the hand, a large room with 700 square feet will require a system with a BTU rating of 18,000 to remove excess heat and humidity from the air. Prior to choosing a central air conditioner, you should also be familiar with a unit called tonnage. This is a metric that is utilized in the HVAC industry to measure the capacity of a system. An air conditioning system with a single ton is able to eliminate 12,000 BTU’s of heat in an hour from a house.


An average residential air conditioner is able to provide cold air to 400 square feet per per each ton of capacity. If you need assistance sizing an air conditioning system for your home, give the team at Goodberlet Home Services a call by phone at (815) 937-0189 or book an appointment online. Our team of licensed technicians provides dependable HVAC repair services in areas of Illinois such as Glen Ellyn, Frankfort, Oak Brook, Westmont, Downers Grove, and Bolingbrook.

If the coils in your air conditioner do not receive enough air, the system will be unable to remove moisture or humidity from the air in your house. This large quantity of moisture will cause the air to feel hot in each room. As a result, the air conditioning system in your house will run continuously to combat the excess humidity. To combat this problem, we recommend replacing 1” – 3” filters every month. Depending on the climate in your area and indoor air quality, you may be able to replace your air filters every other month.


If your air conditioner is running but is not cooling your house, this type of issue may also be caused by a low supply of refrigerant in your central air conditioning system. As your air conditioner reaches the middle of its lifespan, it is not uncommon for small cracks or holes to form in the coils of your system. This will cause excess refrigerant to escape from your HVAC system.


When the refrigerant levels of an air conditioner become too low, the system will operate constantly throughout the day to remove humidity and heat from the air. However, the HVAC system in your house will be unable to remove a sufficient amount of heat without refrigerant. Do not try to activate an air conditioning system with a low supply of refrigerant. This will cause your utility bills to increase at a steady rate. To receive help with a refrigerant leak, give the technicians at Goodberlet Home Services a call by phone at (815) 937-0189 or fill out our Contact Form. The team of certified contractors at Goodberlet Home Services offer fast, efficient, and trustworthy heating and cooling repair services to the Chicago suburbs.

If your air conditioner is not able to remove heat and humidity from the air, this issue may be caused by a frozen evaporator coil. The easiest way to confirm if your system is producing cold air is by moving your hand over the supply vents. If the incoming air is hot and humid, immediately deactivate the central air conditioning system to prevent damage to internal parts and components.


There are two ways to deactivate your air conditioner. The easiest way to turn your system off is by switching your thermostat to the Off Mode. Keep your air conditioner off for 1 day to ensure the ice on your evaporator coils melts. To melt the ice at a faster rate, deactivate your central air conditioning system and activate your fan. The warm air from your fan will eliminate the frost on your evaporator coils. The air conditioner may also be deactivated by flipping the switch on the electrical panel in your garage or utility room.


There are a variety of issues that may cause your air conditioner to freeze. For example, a clogged air filter will restrict the flow of air to the coils in your system. As a result, the evaporator coils and other components may freeze. A frozen air conditioner may also be a negative consequence of a refrigerant leak. 


As your central air conditioning system reaches the middle or end of its lifespan, holes and cracks may begin to form in the refrigerant lines. Since this type of issue requires advanced tools and skills, you will be required to book an appointment with our team. Our team of licensed HVAC technicians provides dependable air conditioning services to homes in areas of Illinois such as Oak Brook, Naperville, Bolingbrook, and Westmont. Give our staff a call by phone at (815) 937-0189 or schedule an appointment on our website to receive help.