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We provide 24-hour emergency plumbing, electrical, heating, construction, and cooling repair and installation services to Muncie, Oakbrook Terrace, and Kankakee.

Heating & Air Conditioning Services

A/C & Heating Repair

Heating and cooling systems play a big part in everyday life. So it’s no wonder people stress when something goes wrong with them. We offer air conditioning and furnace repair services for all types of equipment in Bolingbrook, Oak Brook, Westmont, Downers Grove, Bloomingdale, Naperville, and other areas of Illinois. We can also help you reduce your energy consumption with our emergency HVAC and heating repair services. Our team offers air conditioning and furnace repair services to restore comfort to your home.

Plumbing Services

Plumbing Repair

Your plumbing should be an asset to your home—not a nuisance. The team at our plumbing company use their skills to improve your plumbing for the long term. When you notice something unusual with your sewer, water heater, or drains, don’t look the other way and wait until the situation worsens. The technicians at our plumbing company offer plumbing repair services throughout the Chicago suburbs of Illinois. Our professional and licensed plumbers have the tools and training to get your system—and your routine—back on track.

Electrical Repair Services

Emergency Electricians

We never leave our customers in the dark. Our team of emergency electricians provides electrical upgrades, appliance installations and more. We are your one-stop solution for electrical services in areas of Illinois such as Frankfort, Naperville, Oak Park, Oak Brook, and Downers Grove. Our emergency electricians and heating repair technicians are well-versed in all types of systems and will help you make the right decision with yours. Goodberlet prioritizes safety to improve your electrical system and make your life easier both now and through the years.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

Energy efficiency is great for your finances and the environment. But when it comes to air quality and HVAC repair, an energy-efficient home can trap contaminants inside. At Goodberlet Home Services, we let you have the best of both worlds with our indoor air quality and heating repair services. You’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits that an energy-efficient home has to offer while breathing clean, safe air.

Construction Services

Repair, & Remodel

Our carpenters have over 100 years of
with repairs, remodeling, and new construction in both residential and commercial applications. The team of licensed plumbers at our plumbing company can provide design assistance with your project to assure all of your needs are met. We also can provide financing for any unexpected repair projects, and specialize in restoration work (insurance claims).


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Our team of plumbing and heating repair specialists offer services in Illinois such as furnace repair, water heater installation, sewer repair, and air conditioner installation. Our products and technology are cutting-edge. But our service approach embodies old-school notions of how work should be done.

With every job, the team at our electrical and plumbing company near you follow the Golden Rule and treat our customers how we want to be treated. From furnace service, air conditioning installation, to HVAC repair, we always put the customer first. This means doing what’s best for you, not what’s easiest for us.

Our air conditioning and heating repair technicians care deeply about the community and helping our neighbors live comfortably with trusted HVAC, plumbing and electrical solutions. We provide electrical and plumbing solutions in areas of Illinois such as Naperville, Oak Brook, Westmont, Orland Park, Bolingbrook, and Westmont.

As a one-stop solution for complete plumbing and HVAC repair services, we provide a seamless customer experience that is second to none. Whether you need to schedule a heating repair or electrical upgrades, customers know they can expect the best when they call us. At Goodberlet Home Services, we do it all for our customers—and we do it right.
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Do you have a question about your HVAC, plumbing, or electrical system in your home? View our Frequently Asked Questions below. If you do not see an answer to your question, give our team a call by phone at (815) 937-0189.

Water heaters are essential for everyday tasks such as washing dishes, bathing, and cooking. As your water heater becomes older, you may begin to notice signs of failure. To help you diagnose and resolve problems with your water heater, we have compiled a list of signs that may indicate your hot water heater is going out.


Discolored Water

If you notice brown or discolored water from your kitchen or bathroom sink, this is a sign of corrosion in your water tank. Although rust is a durable material, it is susceptible to the formation of rust as it becomes older. As a result, rust may begin to spread inside the interior of your water heater tank. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to prevent the growth of rust inside the tank. The rust will continue to collect inside your tank until a moderate to severe leak forms. The only way to fix this issue is to call a certified technician from a plumbing company near you.



Another signal that your water is going out includes noises from the water tank. The most common culprit of water heater noises is a buildup of sediment at the bottom of the water tank. Unfortunately, an excess amount of sediment will negatively impact the efficiency of your water heater. In addition, the limescale in your water heater will slowly cause damage to the interior of the tank. The only way to fix this problem is to regularly drain your water heater each year. If draining your water heater does not eliminate the rumbling noise, give our team a call by phone at (815) 937-0189 to book an appointment. The technicians at our plumbing company provide safe, efficient, and trustworthy plumbing repair and installation services to homes.


Little to No Hot Water

If you continuously run out of hot water while you shower or wash dishes, this is a signal of a malfunctioning water heater. The most typical causes of a low quantity of warm water include broken heating elements or a change in thermostat settings. If you are confident that your heating elements and thermostat are working properly, the low supply of hot water may be the byproduct of a water heater that is too small for your house. Since the process of sizing a water heater is not easy, call a licensed contractor at Goodberlet Home Services by phone at (815) 937-0189 or schedule an appointment on our website to receive help. Our staff at our plumbing company provides emergency plumbing repair services to homes.

There are a variety of reasons your central air conditioner may be running continuously throughout the day. Your air conditioner may be operating for a long period of time due to hot and humid weather conditions outside. On extremely hot days, your system is engineered to operate for a longer period of time to maintain a comfortable temperature between 65 to 75 Degrees Fahrenheit in your house.


On the other hand, your new central air conditioner may operate continuously throughout the day if it is a 2-stage or variable stage system. A variable speed air conditioning system is designed to operate longer at a reduced capacity to eliminate humidity and heat in your house. Unlike old single-stage systems that are only able to operate at full capacity, your new variable speed air conditioner is designed to use minimal power. As a result, a variable speed air conditioner is able to operate throughout the day without negatively impacting your utility bills. 


Lastly, the latest programmable thermostats for sale in the market are engineered to increase the total length of the cooling cycle to ensure your house is comfortable. However, you should always call a licensed technician if you notice a sudden change in the operational schedule of your air conditioner. Goodberlet Home Services offers convenient and efficient air conditioning services to homes in areas such as Naperville, Oak Park, Orland Park, Westmont, Downers Grove, and Bolingbrook.

It’s very important to ensure your plumber is licensed and experienced. Each state’s Department of Labor will be able to provide you with your plumber’s license number and information. When you’re having work done in your home, choosing a plumber with experience should be a huge factor in your decision. Be sure to do your research before hiring someone for your next job.


At Goodberlet Home Services, our experienced team of HVAC service technicians, electricians, and plumbers are fully licensed, trained and certified. We know that plumbing installations and repairs have a direct impact on long-term expenses. 

This means with every service, you receive the same level of dedication and expertise, regardless of the project. If you’re looking for a licensed and qualified plumber, contact us today and let’s chat about your needs in the home or business.

There are signs that may indicate your plumbing has gone awry. Signs often include discolored water, an odor coming from your water, or a sudden change in water pressure.


These signs could mean you’re experiencing an issue with water distribution, you have some sort of water contamination, or something is broken, loose, rotted, or rusted out.


If you are noticing any of these signs in the kitchen, bathroom, basement, etc., you will want to contact your plumber. Your plumber will be able to tell you if you’re experiencing an isolated issue and if it can be repaired, or if your plumbing system has gone bad completely. If your plumbing has gone bad completely, you’ll want to get an estimate for the work that needs to be done.

The Goodberlet Home Services team in Kankakee and Lombard, IL can assist you with new plumbing installations or repairs to your current system. Book a time to talk or reach out to us directly at (708) 746-2027 with your questions! We want to hear from you!

If you’re experiencing a burst pipe, you’ll want to act fast to reduce the overall water damage to your home.


First, try and put an immediate stop to the rushing water. Turn off the water completely from the source, usually located in the basement of the home.


Next, you can start cleaning up the water that sprayed onto the floor and surrounding areas. A wet vac does wonders with this, and they’re great to keep in the home for emergencies. This will help reduce your chances of water damage beneath the floors, under the sink, etc.


Then you’ll wait for the arrival of your plumber. When you have a trusted company on your side, they will be there within minutes, ready to help put an end to the chaos.

Goodberlet Home Services offers emergency plumbing services to Chicago and surrounding areas. When you call us, we’ll be there. As we assess your situation, if new materials or appliances are required, we help to install everything to ensure you’re up and running again, dry and safely. We know you can’t plan for emergencies to happen. But when you are experiencing an emergency, we’re ready to help!

When drains are not doing their job, this can create serious issues in the home. Drains can get clogged for a number of reasons. Clogged drains in the bathroom become clogged for different reasons than the drain in the kitchen sink.


If you’re experiencing a clogged drain, you’ll want to assess the location of the drain, and snake the drain as best you can. This involves going in with a drain snake and cleaning out all of the immediate blockages that may be down there.


In the kitchen, common blockages include food, trash, and other larger items that often get thrown into the sink, but don’t make their way down.


In the bathroom, common blockages include hair, product buildup, and the buildup of residue from soap and mildew in showers and sinks (which is often a result of poor ventilation in moist areas). 


If you’ve tried snaking the drain, and there still seems to be a larger, underlying blockage, you’ll want to contact your plumber to get to the bottom of your situation–literally. Your plumber will be able to tell you what’s happening, and they can assist you in the best course of action. 

Goodberlet Home Services provides drain cleaning plumbing services. With our tools and expertise, we’re confident that we can clean any drain in your home or business, no problem. This includes kitchen, bathroom, floor, laundry, toilet drains, and even sewer line drains! To prevent major blockages and issues over time, schedule regular drain cleanings and stay on top of your plumbing maintenance.

Though it may seem like an uncommon problem, it’s not! When the toilet is overflowing, you’ll want to start by turning off the water from the main source, usually located in the basement of the home or on the connecting hose to the toilet itself. This will prevent the continuous overflow for the time being. 


Then you’ll want to immediately remove the water from the floor that has spilled over during the toilet overflow. The longer this water sits on the floor, the greater the chances permanent water damage can occur!


Next, you’ll want to plunge the toilet as best you can using a toilet plunger. There may be something stuck that is causing the water to overflow. If this does not work for you, you’ll want to seek professional help. 


Goodberlet home services offers emergency plumbing services for cases like this! Contact the team in Kankakee or Lombard, and we will be over right away to assist you.

When you have something clogging your drain, snaking is always the first step advised. Snaking a drain may seem like a hassle, but it can be done easily with the right tool. 


A drain snake, or drain auger, can be purchased at almost any local hardware store. This tool is a long, pliable rod with a loaded coil for grabbing the blockages.


Insert the snake down the drain, and with a combination of twists and turns, you should be able to feel the resistance of the blockage when you reach it. The clog may dissipate, or you may break part of it off and be able to grab hold of the rest of the blockage with the snake.


If the snake does not work through your blockage, and you’re still experiencing drainage issues, you can call your local plumber for a professional drain cleaning. They will be able to assist you and give you answers as to what happened, how to prevent this in the future, etc.


Goodberlet Home Services uses sewer camera technology during our drain cleaning process. This way, we are able to pinpoint where exactly the clog lies, and properly clear it to ensure accuracy in our work. If you’re experiencing a clogged drain that you simply can’t snake alone, contact us and we’ll be there to assist you. 

If you notice your water pressure is exceptionally low, lower than normal, you’ll want to check things out. There are a few things you can look at to help troubleshoot your low water pressure concerns:


Find the water system at your house. Locate the main water valve, the water meter, and the pressure regulator. Are these valves working? Are they fully opened? Is the water pressure regulator reading and monitoring?


If further opening a valve solves your low water pressure issue, then you will be on your way. But if you’re still experiencing noticeably low water pressure, and everything seems to be in check with your system, you’ll want to contact a professional to have a look. 


Goodberlet Home Services is highly experienced with diagnosing and tackling plumbing concerns like water pressure! Our team will come to your home and assess your situation. We’ll make honest recommendations, and we’ll see them through if repairs are necessary. View our plumbing page for more details about our plumbing services in the Chicago area.

There are many reasons a faucet can be dripping or constantly running. Because there are many different types of faucets, the reason for this varies. 


Sometimes materials can be worn out over time and require replacing to put an end to the dripping. Sometimes valves can become loose over time, and need tightening to stop the constant dripping. 


If you’re experiencing an annoying faucet drip that won’t let up, start by tightening anything loose or out of place. This includes knobs from the stem, and valves under the sink. 


With so many parts to a sink (bolts, washers, valves and knobs) we know a quick tightening may not be possible for everyone. That’s why Goodberlet offers plumbing services in areas surrounding Kankakee and Lombard, Illinois. 


No issue is too big or too small for our team at Goodberlet Home Services. When you’re experiencing plumbing problems in the home, anywhere from an overflowing toilet to an annoying faucet drip, we encourage you to contact us for assistance! With our emergency plumbing services we’ll be there, day or night, to put an end to your plumbing problems.

Furnaces normally produce a good amount of water, which when working properly, should drain out through the drain line or a PVC pipe. A normal amount of water consists of slight dripping and maybe slight condensation in or around the unit. If you’re experiencing more water than this leaking from your unit, you may have a draining issue or filter issue. As your system is working over time, filters and water pipes become clogged and may need to be replaced or cleaned out. 


If your furnace is leaking uncontrollably, here are the immediate steps you should take:


  1. Shut off the unit at the main power source. The shutoff switch should be located by the base of the system by the coil. If you can’t locate this shut off switch, you can always shut off your furnace from the main circuit breaker of your home.
  2. Clean up the leaking water to prevent further water damage in your home. The longer the water sits, the higher chance it has of damaging your home permanently! Water damage can be a headache for homeowners and is something you don’t want to deal with if avoidable.
  3. Drain your unit and clean up the floor with a water vac. Test the unit by pouring a small amount of water back into the top of the pump and note how your unit reacts. If the water doesn’t pump the water regularly, you may have a drainage issue.

We know it can be difficult for the average person to understand or diagnose furnace issues. If you’re experiencing issues pouring the water back in and getting your unit to accept the water again, contact the experts at Goodberlet. Sometimes it’s required to disassemble the unit to locate the issue causing a leaking furnace. Our team can come to your home, repair your leaking furnace, and get your unit working properly again for you. Our team also offers other services such as furnace tune-up, air conditioning replacement, and ductless mini-split system installation.

Here are a few reasons your furnace filter turns black:


  • Soot from candles, fireplaces, and general dust & dirt in the air of the home
  • Carbon monoxide produces from gas appliances, cars idling, and other natural combustion processes in the home
  • Mold growth as the evaporator coil gets wet
  • Ventilation malfunction if your system is not ventilated properly causing clogging issues

If you’re noticing your furnace filters are black, and wondering why your furnace filters get so black so quickly, we’re here to help. These are common questions homeowners ask us when we arrive at the home for furnace repairs and installation services.


To prevent your filters from getting so black so quickly, you should have regular maintenance performed on your furnace. The team at Goodberlet Home Services offers furnace tune-ups to ensure your system is healthy and working properly for you in the home. This regular maintenance will prevent you from having to change your furnace filters so often, and will prevent common issues homeowners face when it comes to furnaces. Contact Goodberlet Home Services today for more information on furnace services and regular maintenance. 

There are a few signs that you may need an entire furnace altogether, or you may just need a tune-up and deep cleaning. 

Here are a few signs that you may need a new furnace:


  • Your current system is old and outdated and is giving you many issues 
  • You’re noticing your energy bills are skyrocketing
  • Your furnace is visibly damaged, broken, or compromised
  • Heat is not being distributed throughout the home
  • You’re experiencing excessive humidity in the home


If any of these signs resonate with your current furnace in the home, it doesn’t hurt to call us at Goodberlet Home Services. We can give you an estimate as to whether we think you should replace your furnace altogether, or whether we think your furnace may require maintenance or a tune-up.


If you’re experiencing any of these problems with your furnace, we recommend you call us right away. Some of these issues shouldn’t be prolonged in order to maintain a healthy furnace in the home. Your furnace is one of the most important appliances! All parts of your furnace should be working properly to ensure you’re breathing in clean, quality air when heating your home. You don’t want to take the chance of compromising your family’s health or the comfortable nature of your home by putting off your furnace repairs!


Some tips for maintaining a healthy furnace include keeping the area clean and clear surrounding your furnace, keeping a carbon monoxide detector near your furnace, and always being aware of the smell of gas throughout the home. If you’re looking for more information about furnace repairs and preventative maintenance, reach out to the professionals at Goodberlet Home Services.

Humidifiers are used in the home for various purposes. If you’re someone who experiences bloody noses, dry throat, dry mouth, dry skin, or runny nose, a humidifier in the bedroom may help with these day to day symptoms. When you have a cold, sinus infection, and when you’re sick, small portable humidifiers are great to keep by your bedside. For an easy solution, you can look into small humidifiers for your bedside. Extra humidifiers in the home lower your risk of infections and generally help to improve your health.


A home’s humidity level should generally be around 30-50%. If your home has trouble holding in that humidity, and you’re experiencing discomfort especially while trying to sleep, you may want to get your furnace checked out. Your furnace should regulate the humidity in your home well enough so you’re comfortable. A home that is too dry can cause issues with the walls, wood, furniture, and paint in the home. 

Furnace humidifier repairs are common, and homeowners should be keeping up with regular maintenance on your furnace over time. Goodberlet can take a look at your furnace humidifier and ensure it’s working properly for you. Our team can help you with furnace repair services, and diagnose and resolve any humidifying issues you may have with your system. Contact us today to book your service appointment.

Dehumidifiers are used to regulate the level of humidity in the air of your home. If you notice damp spots of water throughout the home, like on the floor, walls, or ceilings, you may notice mold growth accompanied by these water spots. This mold growth may cause an unpleasant odor in the home, and are often found in basements and attics where it’s usually dark. 


This is a huge sign you need a dehumidifier in the home. Excess moisture in the home risks damaging furniture, walls, and floors. If you’re noticing excess moisture in the home, we recommended calling a professional on our team to come and check out your situation. Whether you’re experiencing excess humidity in one room of the home, or throughout the entire house, our team can perform a dehumidifier installation, repair, or tune-up to get things working properly for you. Your indoor air quality is extremely important to your health! 


If you don’t already have a dehumidifier, Goodberlet can help you choose a system for your needs. We’ll explain the reasoning behind our recommendation and show you how to use your new system properly. We provide dehumidifier and humidifier maintenance, installation, and repair services so you’re always taken care of.

Basements are the number one spot in the home in which homeowners realize they need a dehumidifier. If you need a dehumidifier in the basement, you will likely be experiencing the following:


Visible mold growth in the basement

Musty odors coming from the basement

Water marks on the ceiling or walls

Visible condensation on surfaces 

Foggy or discolored basement windows


Not only is a humid basement damaging to the home’s infrastructure, but it’s also not good for your health. The mold growth that comes with a humid home can be a health risk, and can compromise your indoor air quality. Dehumidifiers alleviate allergy symptoms, eliminates mold growth, and delays rust, corrosion, and food spoilage. It even reduces your overall energy cost in the home! 

If you’re certain you need a dehumidifier in the home, look into some options for dehumidifier systems. If you need assistance, our team at Goodberlet can help you choose the right system,  and we can even show you how to use it. Contact us with any questions you may have regarding dehumidifiers. We’re here to help with any air quality issues you may be experiencing. 

Ventilation systems come in all shapes and sizes. With so many options to choose from, you might not know which type is right for your home. We usually recommend mechanical ventilation as it’s the easiest to clean, upkeep, and service for homeowners. 


A proper ventilation system will keep your home feeling comfortable, fresh, and airy. If you’re looking into a ventilation system for your home, it’s our job at Goodberlet to help you! To install a ventilation system, we’ll father a full understanding of your home’s layout, your HVAC equipment, your allergy symptoms, specific requests, and more. We’ll guide you towards the best ventilation system for your home and your budget. We take air quality seriously and will work with you to find a solution you can feel good about!

Duct cleaning is recommended every 3-5 years, or sooner if you have breathing related health issues such as asthma or allergies, or have pets. Cleaning the air ducts in your home ventilation system is important to keep your system working properly for you. When you’re paying to heat or cool the home, a dirty air duct is like throwing money out the window! If you plan on cleaning your air ducts yourself, here are the steps to follow:


First, start with gathering the necessary tools. You’ll need a screwdriver, a brush, a new filter, and a cloth. Start your fan once more before removing your supply register to loosen up any dust or particles that are on their way out, just ensure the heat is not on, and just the fan runs for a moment. Unscrew and remove your supply registers with a paper towel or cloth covering the dust and debris. Ensure the power to your unit is off completely before you proceed. Clean the supply registers with a brush or vacuum cleaner hose. Then unscrew the air duct covers to clean the air ducts and the blower compartment. Be sure to get in all those small spaces and corners! Then you can replace your air filter and you should be good to go.


If your air ducts are dirty, then the air in your home is dirty. Why? Any debris in your ductwork will be picked up by the circulating air. We know the process of cleaning and sanitizing air ducts is not an easy one. That’s why at Goodberlet, we offer air duct cleaning services to take care of this for you. A thorough duct cleaning will improve airflow and energy efficiency in the home. If you’re ready to clean your air ducts, and don’t feel confident to do this on your own, contact our team. We will be happy to clean your air ducts so your air quality is as clean and pure as possible in the home. 

Air Purifiers are great to help reduce and eliminate the spread of harmful contaminants and pollutants in your home. With the proper use and installation of the latest air purification technology, you can reduce the spread of these contaminants in the air including viruses.


Technology such as the I-Wave-R Air Purifier has been tested to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by up to 90%! Professional application of such technology is typically required to help ensure optimal results of your air purification system. 


Goodberlet cares about the well being of yourself and your family. That’s why we offer the best and latest technologies including I-Wave Air Purification Systems. To learn more about I-Wave Air Purifiers and ways to help reduce the spread of airborne viruses, contact us today.