Electrical Panel & Service Upgrades

Make the Switch for Your Safety

Just because your electricity is working, this doesn’t mean it’s safe to use. In reality, older and outdated electrical panels can cause electrical fires without warning.

That’s why Goodberlet specializes in electrical panel and service upgrades. We’ll give your electric the fine-tuning it needs to serve you well—and keep you and your family safe!

When Do I Need an Upgrade?

Your electrical panel is the headquarters of your system. Every electrical current running through your home or business starts at the panel. So with all that power in one place, it’s important to make sure your panel can handle the load.

The only question is: How can you know? You might need to upgrade your electrical panel if:

  • Your breakers trip frequently.
  • The breaker switches are rusting and corroding.
  • Your home is more than 20 years old.
  • Your circuit breakers are more than 40 years old.
  • Your panel is making unusual buzzing sounds.
  • Your breaker box feels warm on the inside.
  • The lights in your home are dimming.
  • There’s faulty or inadequate wiring in your home.
  • You’ve recently added a major appliance that will require a large amount of power.
  • You don’t have enough outlets and rely heavily on power strips and extension cords.

Working with electrical systems since 1982, you can say we’re wired for this stuff. Apart from making your system safer and easier to use, we’ll also ensure everything is up to code. This will prevent potential headaches down the road and give you peace of mind that everything is A-OK with your electric.

Your Experts for Electrical Add-Ons

When it comes to your electricity, the possibilities are endless. At Goodberlet, our electricians can upgrade your system and give you new luxuries for your home or business. From recessed lighting to advanced security systems, we’re your go-to team for quality electrical upgrades. Contact us to learn more about the electrical add-ons we can provide.

Upgrade your electrical panel

Upgrade Today With Goodberlet

Your electrical panel should be an asset, not a safety risk. Make the switch with us today so you can ensure a safe tomorrow.

To schedule your electrical panel upgrade or to speak with a representative about another type of electrical repair, call Goodberlet Home Services at (815) 937-0189 or contact us online today.